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Sunny Daze is one of the original ponies introduced in 2003. Her character is also used to promote the My Little Pony brand.

Sunny Daze was a 1st edition Rainbow pony. She was sold as a single on the general market. For a short time during the US fall, she was available with a free “A Charming Birthday” VHS video and charm bracelet.

Sunny Daze I

Sunny Daze was reissued in her second pose during the 2003 fall/holiday season. This version was also available in a collector's edition Race to Ponyville game (at Kohls), where she was one of four possible ponies packaged in the game tin. In 2004, she would return in her third pose with an eveningwear dress-up set.

Sunny Daze II  Sunny Daze III

In 2006, Sunny Daze would make yet another appearance in a fourth pose, in a new purse and pony set.

Sunny Daze IV

In 2007, Sunny Daze would show up with a new pose and enhanced design to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ponies.

Sunny Daze V


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