2004: February

Feb 29 2004

Disney Exclusive ponies confirmed. Thanks, Fay, for the pics. You may check for these items on eBay. Otherwise we haven't found a reliable way to get them outside of going to the store.

Feb 28 2004

Ponies dressed up like Disney Princesse spotted by TrulyBelle at Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney (Minty as Ariel, Kimono as Belle, Pinkie Pie as Cinderella, and Sparkleworks as Aurora/Sleeping Beauty). These are only available through Disney (in this case Florida), so if you're headed that way be sure to check it out. And buy me one. Hee hee! ;) Also a new mlp sticker set found at Wal-Mart by Spirit dancer 3.

Feb 26 2004

More pics of Bumblesweet and Serendipity courtesy of Brian. These are showing up at Wal-Marts at random, but are not widely distributed yet... (seen in CA, WI, IL off the top of my head). And... to update on Crystal Crown (since lots of people ask), she is still lurking somewhere between the factory and the toy store because no one has seen hide nor hair of her except for a few times... not in the US, at any rate. She could come in at any time, we suppose. Also, the Dazzle Surprise pony point offer is good until July (or until supplies last) and we have not yet heard of any new point program offerings. We expect there to be some later in 2004, but no news yet!

Feb 25 2004

Bumblesweet and Serendipity now spotted in the US (California).

Feb 20 2004

All names previously confirmed in the CAN TM registry have now shown up in the US TM registry, with the exception of Toora-loora. Of course, we assume this is meant to mean Toola-roola. Cherry Treats hosts Angelrosepony's pics of new MLP cosmetics found at Target (pic is large).

Feb 18 2004

Altered States Magazine posts more picturess of the MLP Toy Fair products.

Feb 17 2004

More names in the US registry:

These are the same as some of the names listed previously from the Canadian registry.

Feb 16 2004

OK, guys and gals. I know there is going to be a lot of chit-chat going around on this one, so first let me say a SUPER BIG thanks to Trixter and Altered States Magazine, who made this image possible... have a look right here. Yes, that’s new product on display at the Toy Fair this week (and don't feel bad if you missed it; it's not open to the public).

Exciting snippets from Hasbro's Feb 15th MLP press release:

"The reaction to MY LITTLE PONY has been phenomenal," said Ken Romanzi, president, Hasbro Toy Group. "Moms who remember playing with MY LITTLE PONY and daughters that have just begun on the adventure have enjoyed sharing in the experience over the past year.  To-date nearly 4 million ponies have found a home with little girls and collectors."

Friendship Ball is the new theme for fall 2004.  It is a very special event that happens once a year in PONYVILLE, where one pony is named “Best Friend of the Year.”  The ponies are all busy preparing for the big event, with sparkles and jewels, eveningwear and dance lessons!

Spring Rainbow Assortment: Toola-Roola, Sew-and-so, Tink-a-tink-a-too, and Fluttershy
Summer Rainbow Assortment: Shenanigans and Cherry Blossom will be added.
Fall Rainbow Assortment: Sky Wishes, Triple Treat, Spring Parade, and Golden Delicious

Spring Glitter Assortment: Bumblesweet, Serendipity, Daisyjo, and Strawberry Swirl
Summer Glitter Assortment: Cupcake and Sweetsong will be added.
Fall Glitter Assortment: Beebop, Sunset Sweety, Piccolo, and Cinnamon Breeze

Rainbow/Glitters sets will be renamed Perfectly Pony in the fall.

More scheduled for the fall:

Super Long Hairs: Silly Sunshine and Silver Song. So-Soft Baby Ponies: pink Rose Blossom and purple Petal Dove. Jewel ponies Crystal Lace, Peri Winkle, Gem Blossom, Valenshy and MORE. Sparkle ponies Starbeam, Desert Rose (Rosebud?), Merriweather, Forsythia and MORE. Sparkle ponies will have "sparkles on their face and cutie mark." Ice Skating/Ballet ponies, which can be posed and twirl on their stands. And of course Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio.

And, for a limited time only a very special PEGASUS pony will be available with an exclusive video that tells the story of the Friendship Ball. This beautiful PEGASUS pony, STAR CATCHER, will be available for an approximate retail price of $6.99. 

Get the full press release here. Updated the checklists. Again. Hee hee.

Feb 15 2004

Cherry Treats spots new MLP sunglasses at Toys R Us.

Feb 14 2004

Mlphunter provides us with pics on the new Target exclusives, including Spring Treat, Doseydotes, and Toodleloo (these might not be out at all Target stores yet, but keep an eye out for them in coming weeks). She also found a new beach bag set at Mervyns. Andreas from Germany received the official Hasbro catalog recently and reports that Sparkle, Jewel, Eveningwear ponies and the Dance studio will be released in August. A note on some of the Sparkle ponies, according to the catalog: Merriweather is the yellow one with a blue and pink umbrella, Star Gleamer (referred to as Star Beam by other sources) is blue with three yellow stars and blue dots, Rosebud is white with a rose, and Forsythia is red with a yellow flower and blue butterfly. It says the four ponies will sparkle all over their bodies. You might recall the prototype picture from earlier (scroll down to see it again).

More names in the US registry:

Dragophelion also finds new pony names listed with Canada.
TEA PARTY FUN (Assumedly Pony Wear with Rainbow Dash)

Seems like a whole lot of products, so either this year is going to be huge, or perhaps some of this will end up being 2005 product (can't really tell right now). In other news, Lilcricketnoise found a G1 MLP shirt at Hot Topic. I have updated some of the product checklists with this information, but not the index yet.  Kelly reports that Hasbro indicated to her that Crystal Crown was delayed (for the US), but should be coming in 4-6 weeks. Hrm. But is she still a K-B exclusive? Or was her happy trip to Target just a distribution error?

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ponytopia!

Feb 13 2004

Nancy in California reports finding two new Target exclusives: Doseydotes and Spring Treat. She says about them, “The backcard is like the other ones but the plastic part is shaped like an egg. Doseydotes is purple with yellow hair and has a yellow butterfly with a happyface for the symbol. Spring Treat is pink with white, light blue and pink hair. She looks sorta like cotton candy. Her symbol is a picture of 3 tulips. They both come with a hat and a brush. I wonder if these might be an Easter line? I only saw these 2 ponies...there might be more!" Let us know if you spot these or any others that might be a part of this set. We’d love to see some pics!

New Easter stuff found in the UK (thanks, Dragophelion). Hasbro’s 2004 Toy Fair meeting this morning reports that the MLP line is "far from maximized" with plans to make it "the destination at retailers this fall." Whoo hoo. Sounds good to me. ;) Jane Ritson-Parsons, President of the Hasbro Properties Group (which develops Hasbro's core brands outside the toy aisle and into additional entertainment and lifestyle categories) reported on the success of the MLP line. My Little Pony was of course one of their target initiatives for 2003 and to maximize My Little Pony's impact on the market, they had to view it as a “total lifestyle program.” She reports that visions for the brand are proving successful in every category they have entered, stating “Harper-Collins sold through more than 1 million My Little Pony books. That’s 1 book for every 4 ponies sold.” Apparel exclusive to Target and Mervyns was also so strong that they are continuing the program in 2004.

Feb 12 2004

Updated Tea Leaf, Toola-Roola, and Sew-and-So profiles. More updates pending this week. See Kcatt’s early G3 prototypes.

Feb 11, 2004

Ah! More new names in the registry since yesterday!!! New names included:

Savannah Sage and Shell-Belle

There are also other names listed with the US registry that we already knew about: Silver Song, Silver Slippers, Silver Skates, Shenanigans, and Sew & So. And from previously: Gem Blossom, Crystal Lace. MLPhunter discovered interesting changes to the www.mylittlepony.com site, which included the removal of certain 1st edition products. And Sparkle-pony reports the following:


All the ponies are practicing their dance moves in preparation for the Friendship Ball at TWINKLE TWIRL's DANCE STUDIO. TWINKLE TWIRL is included and spins to music and lights on the playset's rotating dance floor! (Approx. $29.99; 3 & Up; Available: Fall)

So looks like we have a new pony called Twinkle Twirl, too. (Info from Feb 10 press release).

Feb 10, 2004

Catching up on the latest news, MORE new items have been added to the trademark registry.

Love Wishes
Peachy Pie
Petal Dove
Pineapple Paradise
Ribbon Wishes
Sapphire Shores

And Pie Party Fun (which perhaps is the Pie Party Dressup with Pinkie Pie)

Also in the US, a new commercial for the long hairs and free baby promotion is now on the air (thanks, everyone). Some interesting news on the US Crystal Crown? MLP.com updated with a few things already on the market (pony wear sets). Vote for the most famous pony! Aquarel found pony socks in Belgium. Also, the Memory game was added to www.kbtoys.com. Updates to the newer ponies pending tomorrow, I think. And, yes, I updated the checklists... again!!! :) :) :)

Feb 9, 2004

Hasbro reported its fourth quarter earnings today. To make a long story short, MLP wasn't talked about it too great detail, but was included on the list of those brands performing well.

Feb 7, 2004

MORE new pony names registered in the US (thanks, Baby Ice Crystal).

Juniper Jade
Butterfly Surprise
Blushing Blue
Cabana Rain

Feb 6, 2004

More pics of the new Toola-roola and Sew-and-so ponies (thanks, Ilfiorelaluna, welcome back).

Feb 5, 2004

Updated the checklists and the index (whew). I hope I didn't miss anything! Crystal Crown found by Alliedmustang at... TARGET in California! Hmm... very interesting! And Tea Leaf is available at www.amazon.com (thanks Julzchaz). Misanthropony finds new toddler bed set at Wal-Mart. Item comes with quilt, sheets, and pillowcase.

And MORE NEW PONIES! Found by Garej (not out yet, but coming this year at least in the US):

More Pretty Pony Fashions
Pie Party with Pinkie Pie
Tea Time with Rainbow Dash

Twinklewirls (or Twinkletwirls) Dance Studio

We suspected it was, but now we've confirmed.

Perfectly Pony (hmm... not sure what these are)
Beebop, Sunset Sweety, Sky Wishes, Triple Treat, Magic Marigold

Eveningwear Ponies
Curious, will there be two or four of these?
Sparkleworks and Sunny Daze confirmed so far.

Rainbow III
Fluttershy, Tink-A-Tink-A-Too, Toola Roola, Sew and So
(looks like charms will be phasing out at this point)

Rainbow IV
Toola Roola, Sew and So, Sky Wishes, Cherry Blossom
(Sky Wishes? Hmmm...thought Shenanigans was in this group?)

Glitter III
Strawberry Swirl, Daisyjo, Bumblesweet, Serendipity

Glitter IV
Bumblesweet, Serendipity, Cupcake, Mandoline
(Mandoline? Hmm...thought Sweetsong was in this group?)

Feb 4, 2004

MORE NEW PONIES! HEE!!! Images courtesy of Hasbro, Germany! (and thanks, Ringlet).

Sparkleworks and Sunny Daze in Eveningwear

Toola-roola and Sew-and-so spotted in the US (so far reported at Wal-Marts across the US). Pics, too, on page 2! LadySilverSwirl4U found new clothes at target. This year instead of Sparkleworks Active Wear, we’ll have Pinkie Pie Active Wear. Some of the items include Rainbow Dash 00# shirt, Rainbow Dash jacket, Pinkie Pie skirt (with built in shorts), Pinkie Pie and All Star Pinkie Pie tank tops. Lots of Spring Baskets now turning up at Target for 12.99 (thanks, everyone). Check your local Party Fair or Party City for the new birthday supplies (thanks, Kkiittyykat). New sneakers, purses, and backpacks spotted at Payless Shoes (thanks, Lynn). Tanya spots the Blossom Shop 1/2 price a Argos! Kimono11 and others spots the Tiny Tins at TRU and here are some details about the tins if you haven't heard yet:

The tin is really small, it is 3 1/4" long, 1 5/8" wide and 1 1/4 inches deep. The tins slide open and closed easily, but the seam in the top section is scratching the bottom of the inside part of the box. There is lettering down both legs [of the pony] on the non-display side (Made in China and the Hasbro copyright.)

Well, I think I'm almost caught up now, lol. Still no sign of Crystal Crown in the US.



And My So-Soft Baby Pony!

Oh, and looks like Tiny Tins will be in Germany, too.

Ice Skating and Ballet Ponies (Dash?)

Jewel Ponies (New Poses!)

Sparkle Ponies from left to right: Forsythia, Merriweather, Rosebud, and Star Beam (or Star Gleamer?)

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